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 2 temp setting for Softie Down comforter

Basically,  Softie has 2 types of  down comforter, they are  winter and summer ; the summer one called 4 season and winter just called winter down comforter.    1) Winter one designs from from 2oC to 19oC  and 2) Summer one designs from 19o C to 24o C . 

winter down comforter
We have goose and duck to choose from:

a) Hefty goose down (100% down)  designs for people afraid of coldness especially for older people or live in mainland  designs for temp 2oC to 16oC.  It holds 30% down more than Softie goose down comforter.
b) Goose down comforter (100% down), this is the best seller among others.  suitable for temp 4oC to 19oC.
c) Duck down comforter (100% down), designs for the temp  4oC to 19oC.
d) duck down comforter (60% down),  designs for the temp  4oC to 19oC.

summer down comforter
These down comforters called 4 season,  it comes with duck and goose.  The comforters could use it from March to Nov., designing  from 19oC to 24oC. and the best to use with air conditioning on. Due to the comforter only has 300g in single size for both duck and goose, they are extremely light and high breathability.

 Choosing duck or goose

Goose won on breathability

Goose down cluster is much bigger than duck, the purpose of this cluster is to trap  air. The bigger it is and the more it traps.   Interpretation of this scenario, goose breathability is  much better than duck.  This is very important when you sleep,  people sweat more than 1.5 liter of water  per night. ( 250ml/hr)  that's equal to  5 small bottles of   distill water (250ml/bottle) you buy in the street. 
Pls don't let this figure scare you,  it doesn't mean duck doesn't breath and it just means goose breath better.

Goose won on lightness

In order to retain body heat  in same room condition in winter season and let's say from 4oC to 19oC,  goose down weight is use less than duck , about 4% to 8% less.  For example, we choosing both duck and goose are  both 90% down,  duck down uses 1,000g and goose uses 960g.  It means, the goose comforter will be lighter.  

Goose won on odor

Goose and duck diets are different.  Comparing with goose , duck feather odor is very  hard to wash away , eventhough using most powerful  cleaner  and sterilizer  likes Hankel by germany,  Clariant by switerland still unable remove all the duck unique odor. From our experience, 20% of woman can still sniff out the odor. On the other hand, 99.9% man can not smell it. You can imagine if other down factory are not  using European powerful detergent,  odor will be unbearable.

Duck won the price
90% Duck down is half the price of goose down.  Duck is way cheaper and easily fit into people budget.

Why Goose down costs more than
It is because goose provender costs more than the duck.  

Down comforter fabric
Fabric is extremely important for down comforter; 1) must be down proof  2) light 3) shrinkage less than 5% 4) less noisy
Softie is using either 233TC 100% cotton fabric or 50% polyester 50% cotton, the later one is much 50%  lighter than the cotton one. 

  Down filling power
This is an important index to measure the quality of down.  The rating is from 400 to 800, higher number  is better of the down quality. 
The advantage of higher filling power, 1) needs less down (grams) to keep you warm  , 2) breathability is better.    Softie 

 2) This is very different than the down composition ratio.

Down composition ratio
Down weight

Is my kid allergic to down

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